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Blockchain Arcade

Superphiz, Unvetica, and AustinGriffith get together to jam on #Ethereum gaming! We’ll share the games we love and what makes them awesome. We’ll explore collectibles, sidechains, and hats on planets! #DarkForest #EthereumGaming

Set Up Dark Forest Here


  • Daily Gamerjibe Hangout: Hang out in the blockchain arcade during Gamerjibe to chat games!

  • Mainstream Event (Feb 9th, 5-7pm MT): Join us for the main event to explore blockchain games with a major focus on Dark Forest. We’ll be dropping keys and other prizes for people who watch. There will also be ways to participate within Dark Forest...

  • Makerspace Blockchain Arcade Gamerjibe Hangout (Feb 10th, 3-5pm MT): We’ll be hanging out in Gamerjibe chatting about blockchain games while having a watch party, replaying the Mainstream stream from the night before.

Technologies Driving the Future of Blockchain Games

NFTs: Non-Fungible tokens are based on an Ethereum standard that allows the creation of unique tokens on the network. These tokens can represent something, like a specific piece of art in the real world, or they can represent something like a unique and valuable artifact in Dark Forest that gives super powers to a planet.


xDai: Faster blocks, cheaper fees, but with a weaker security model, the xDAI sidechain provides a perfect platform for decentralized games. 


Javascript plugins: Javascript plugins allow users to extend the normal feature set of Dark Forest by creating and sharing code that improves or changes the way users interact with the game. Instead of exploring one planet at a time, why not use a plugin to explore 1,000?

ZK-Snark mining: Starting with a fully hidden world, players are required to “mine” vast areas of space looking for deterministically generated planets with different qualities. If you share your home planet coordinates, you’ll be doxxed and SuperPhiz will send his fleet to grab your silver.

Featured Game: Dark Forest

Download and check out Dark Forest ahead of time for your chance to join the crew in exploring these games during our big mainstream gaming session Feb 9th, 5-7pm MST (7-9pm EST).

Dark Forest is a fully decentralized and persistent RTS (real-time strategy) game, built on Ethereum.

Applied zero-knowledge (ZK) cryptography on Ethereum has advanced by leaps and bounds in the last eighteen months. New tools like iden3’s SnarkJS have for the first time enabled efficient, in-browser ZK proving and verification. These recent advancements in applied zkSNARK technology have allowed us to build Dark Forest: a fully decentralized and persistent RTS (real-time strategy) game.

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