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MakerSpace Kickoff

Friday Feb 5th - 11AM-11:30 AM MT

Format: Team Building and Networking with Jessica Angel 

ETH Denver Art Steward Jessica Angel will present the MakerSpace program and walk through the space introducing the participating projects. She will assist hackers and artists to understand their possibilities with the projects at the MakerSpace and will facilitate the necessary introductions for participants to engage with the presenting projects.

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AI // Error Art Experiments With Mattia Cuttini

Friday Feb 5th - 12:00PM-12:20 PM MT

Format: Workshop / Demo 

Italian artist Mattia Cuttini will present a workshop / demo in the relationship between technological error and art. At the forefront of cryptography, Cuttini's art practice usually results from a sequence of interventions that vary in complexity. Aiming to mold the artificial into the natural, and distort or transform the natural into the artificial, the artist uses the AI tool as a companion, and seeks error from the computer whose objective is to mirror outputs from inputs.

Screen Shot 2021-01-30 at 12.30.45

A New Normality: Animation series by J’erre

Friday Feb 5th - 12:30PM-12:50PM MT

Format: Fireside Chat with Jessica Angel and J’erre (Spanish and English, aka Spanglish)

Spanish visual artist J’erre, presents a series of 10 short animations progressively developed throughout  2020. These works address the complexities of human behavior when subjected to extreme circumstances such as what is happening with COVID-19 worldwide. Interestingly, the Virtual ETHDenver event celebrates the advances of technologies that allow us to still gather while being distanced, yet, this feature will take us back to reality and remind us of the very psychological impact behind this crisis.


Artifacts of the Metaverse

Saturday Feb 6th - 4PM-5PM MT

Format: Cryptovoxels Walkthrough led by Annie Phillips

When traveling through various dimensions one needs anchors to remind them what reality they are in. In this curatorial approach, artists have submitted works imagining ancient civilizations and future societies. Join this walk through to visit ETHDenver’s Art Gallery at Cryptovoxels and experience a three-dimensional journey into a pixelated avatar dimension


An Introduction to Blockchain Art

Saturday Feb 6th - 3PM-4PM MT

Format: Meetup hosted by and sponsored by the Maker Foundation

Blockchain data is a public good and a fair creative canvas. Learn more about art generated from blockchain data, living on the blockchain, crypto native, blockchain art. Participants in this meetup are Adrian le Bas (EthBlockArt), artists ArtPlusBrad, and Pxlq.


The Art of Chaos

Sunday Feb 7th - 9AM-11AM MT

Format: Workshop by Bruno Skvorc from
NFTs are the name of the game in 2021, and we are bringing them to Kusama. But not before we go through a brief history of NFTs, including how they work. We'll then go through a hands-on demo of creating your own account on Kusama and even minting some NFTs. 

Activity incentives and prizes: Attendees will receive proof-of-participation NFTs

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Databending for All

Monday  Feb 8th - 3PM-5PM MT

Format: Workshop led by Claudia Pawlak and  "New World" Contest winners announcemt

Editing photography or digital art doesn’t always require expensive software - all the tools you need to create unique “glitch” art come pre-installed in your computer! Join Claudia in a workshop on creating glitch photography using only text editing software like NotePad or TextEdit, and make distinctive works of manipulated photography with simple databending. 

Activity incentives and prizes: $700 USD in prizes for the Ephimera "New World" contest. Accepting applications until Feb 4th

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NFT and Augmented Reality Art in the Public Space

Tuesday  Feb 9th - 9AM-9:50AM MT

Format: Conversation led by Natalia Lebedinskaia and Spheroid Universe
This discussion on Augmented Reality art brings the AR blockchain Project Spheroid Universe to reflect upon the benefits for artists to display tokenized art using AR technologies. Focusing on both NFT art and AR art on public spaces, Natalia Lebedinskaia will reference Voxel Bridge by Jessica Angel and a  variety of projects exploring the city as a canvas for public enjoyment of this innovative and mesmerizing tool to intervene in the public space.

Act Image2.jpg

Visual Positioning System in AR: Ten Artists, Ten Cities

Tuesday  Feb 9th - 10AM-11AM MT

Format: Technical Demonstration
The Speroid Universe team will do a technical demonstration on how the AR works by ten artists selected via open call for ETHDenver will be positioned in ten different cities for AR viewing on-site.

Visual Positioning System allows devices to virtually localize surroundings in a map. It uses multiple images of the surrounding environment for creating a 3D environment. The system compares the multiple-image of the environment taken by the phone’s camera to recreate the position relative to the environment using triangulation techniques of GPS

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Blockchain Arcade

Wednesday  Feb 10th - 3PM-5PM MT

Format: Demo by Austin Griffith
Superphiz, Unvetica, and Austin Griffith get together to jam on #Ethereum gaming! They'll share the games they love and what makes them awesome. They will explore collectibles, sidechains, and hats on planets! #DarkForest #EthereumGaming

Act Image (1).png

NFTs 101: Ultimate Wiki on NFTs and the Future of Digital Ownership

Thursday  Feb 11th - 9AM-11AM MT

Format: Demo and Workshop by Masha Vyazemskaya and Alex Salnikov (Rarible co-founder) 

In these two hours, mint your NFTs & discover art on Rarible. The workshop will show the ins and outs of the platform Rarible followed by an AMA session. Two live chat sessions with Rarible’s CTO Eugene Nacu and community manager Ethan van Ballegooyen  will take place at the bean bags in the MakerSpace

Activity incentives and prizes: Up to $1000 USD in minting fees for participants


Decentralized Dance Party

Thursday  Feb 11th - 6PM-8PM MT

Format: Live party and active dancing and DJing by Gary Lachance
Our goal is to further the frontiers of Partying, bring joy to millions of people and ensure that Partying is respected, legitimized, and forever enshrined as a cultural institution of paramount importance.Together, we will crush the despotic Party paradigms of yore and launch a new era of free and democratic Open-Source Partying. Join the MakerSpace closing party!


Exquisite Corpse; Graffitiing the Virtual Space

ETHDenver Livestream - Wednesday Feb 10th - 5PM-7PM MT

Format: Live painting inside a VR space

As an open activity, all ETHDenver members are invited to draw and freely tag the wall of this open VR space available to all on any desktop browser. This collective drawing will gather the memories of ETHDenver and the thoughts of its participants into this exquisite corpse of random collective creation.

Screen Shot 2021-02-05 at 12.36.42

Decentralized Art and Culture in the Virtual Realm

ETHDenver Livestream - Wednesday Feb 10th  2:40 pm-3:10 pm MT

Format: Panel Discussion

Moderator: Jessica Angel

Panelists: Annie Phillips, Bruno Skvorc, Gary Lachance, and JJ Laxton

MakerSpace Livestream Schedule

Watch at

What is the MakerSpace?

The MakerSpace is an initiative born at ETHDenver 2018 in response to a collective interest in experimenting with art and technology to enable the creation and exploration of art through the lens of blockchain. The MakerSpace has been featured in different blockchain events and hackathons around the United States and it has brought numerous artists and programmers together to achieve  successful collaborations and creative projects.


The ArtProject MakerSpace is an integral part of ETHDenver, as it provides opportunities to learn, play, and experiment. Makers, programmers, and blockchain projects interested in crypto art, decentralized VR spaces, and the creation of prototypes and interactive experiments between blockchain data and artistic endeavors, are invited to dive-in and take advantage of the workshops, activities, and opportunities offered at the Virtual ETHDenver MakerSpace 2021.


It’s important to note that the MakerSpace is not a marketing fair, but an active space for hacking, collaborating and discussing groundbreaking and innovating ideas. Even though logos and companies’ missions are featured, we take this opportunity in the ethos of the ETHDenver to take actions that engage and strengthen the community.

Virtual MakerSpace and ETHDenver;

Adopting a New Online, and Interactive Format

2020 has really pushed the boundaries onto new technologies that are having to fast-develop new platforms of communicating between community members and stakeholders. ETHDenver 2021 has adopted a new format to manage the reach of it’s over 2500 yearly visitors, to provide necessary tools for developers and blockchain projects to continue this yearly tradition of hosting this important community gathering that is highly regarded within the blockchain ecosystem. 


It is worth noting that ETHDenver‘s mission since its inception in 2018 has been conscientious about the importance of art for the adoption of new technologies and the experimental platform that it brings to the table when it comes to the creation of innovative prototypes. I have been working for ETHDenver since 2018 by creating a section called The #artproject MakerSpace, an initiative by and it’s community to bring artists together with programmers and explore different ways of collaboration and integration. This year the event is going virtual Through a VR platform called gamerjibe, the makerspace will be featured inside a virtual room where we will be able to replicate human interactions in the most possible and accurate way.

Participating Projects - MakerSpace by Jessica Angel 

#ArtProject is an initiative that brings the art and tech communities to use blockchain as a tool for art production, experimentation, and fundraising.

IRL - Art Auction by Annie Phillips
IRL Art is an ever growing network of experiential artists. We are passionate about community building and artistic sustainability.


Blockchain Arcade
Superphiz, Unvetica, and AustinGriffith get together to jam on #Ethereum gaming! They’’ll share the games they love and what makes them awesome. They will explore collectibles, sidechains, and hats on planets! #DarkForest #EthereumGaming

DDP - Decentralized Dance Party by Gary Lachance

We plan to turn the entire world into a dance floor, unite the world in celebration and win the Nobel Peace Prize for Partying. The Party Revolution needs YOU!


Spheroid Universe - AR Art Monitor Magazine

Spheroid Universe is a platform for developing and launching XR projects. The technological basis of the platform is the Spheroid XR Cloud and the Spheroid Script programming language.

Ephimera - Databending for All

Ephimera is the first crypto art marketplace dedicated to museum-quality photography and video art, giving lens-based artwork a footing within a new industry.


Kusama Network - Next-Generation Digital Art
Kusama Network is the canary network for Polkadot, the next-generation scalable blockchain platform from Parity Technologies.


Rarible - Educating Artists on Cryptoart 

The first community-owned, creator-centric NFT marketplace with $RARI governance token and reward program for active creators and collectors, Rarible is on a mission to fuel the new type of digital ownership. - Deterministic Art Painting  

Blockchain art you create, deterministically generated from the Ethereum blockchain and your inputs. New crypto native NFT primitives for the crypto art world.

Questions? Reach out to

Artists Spotlight

J'erre - Animation Artist

Mattia Cuttini - Visual Artist

Nikita Khudiakov - VR Architect


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