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Gamerjibe Virtual Castle Guide

With ETHDenver going virtual this year, we figured the castle should too! Join us for two hours daily to explore the castle, connect with sponsors, collect NFTs, hang out with friends, and meet new ones. Daily two hour Virtual Castle sessions will alternate between AM and PM (Mountain Standard Time -7 GMT).

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Get a Virtual Castle Access Link

Accepted ETHDenver participants will be emailed their own link to access the castle during the hours listed above.


NOTE: The castle is not open outside the hours above!

Enter the Event

Hop on any desktop or laptop and click the Virtual Castle Access Link emailed to you, following acceptance to ETHDenver 2021. You’ll reach the ETHDenver-Gamerjibe landing page. Click “Enter Event” and the environment will load directly in your browser. If you experience any technical issues while loading, open the chat icon at bottom right of your browser to request troubleshooting assistance from the Gamerjibe team.


By default, you will use left click to move your avatar where you would like to go. You can also hold right click and drag your mouse to pan your camera.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to use ‘WASD’(or arrow keys), simply click the “feet icon” in the bottom right corner of the window. When using WASD (or arrow keys) to move about the environment you can hold ‘shift’ to sprint and press ‘space’ to jump or double jump.

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If you’d like to mute or unmute your music, simply press ‘M’.

Exploring the User Interface

Organizations -  By clicking on the ‘Organizations’ link you can see a list of all organizations involved in an event.

Events - To view a list of all upcoming events, simply click the ‘Events’ tab!

About - For more information about Gamerjibe and what next-gen events can do for you.

Help - Having any issues with Gamerjibe? Refer to this tab for help!

Live Stream - In the bottom left corner of your Gamerjibe event, you can find a link to our EthDenver 2021 Live Stream!

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Enable Voice, Webcam, or Screen Share

Organizations -  By clicking on the ‘Organizations’ link you can see a list of all organizations involved in an event.

Events - To view a list of all upcoming events, simply click the ‘Events’ tab!

About - For more information about Gamerjibe and what next-gen events can do for you.

Help - Having any issues with Gamerjibe? Refer to this tab for help!

Live Stream - In the bottom left corner of your Gamerjibe event, you can find a link to our EthDenver 2021 Live Stream!

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Helper Bots

All around the gamerjibe venue you'll find helper bots! Helper bots will teach you more about all of the ways you can interact with gamerjibe. From wearing your choice of swag to catching a fish out on the patio, helper bots are here to help you learn! Still have any questions? Click on the chat box in the bottom right corner for direct contact to Gamerjibe support.

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Equipping Accessories

Find our helper bots behind the front desk in the Welcome Zone or talk to the Flying Sporkmarmot to the left of the front desk for access to exclusive accessories and hairstyles to make your avatar unique!

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Changing Your Avatar (User Settings)

To change the gender of your character or the default style that they are dressed, find and click on your initial and a green dot in the top right corner, navigate to user settings > Avatar. In addition, if you complete the scavenger hunt, you can change into a Bufficorn or other fun character! Codes will be emailed to winners before the opening of the castle the next day. Please keep these codes private as they will only be provided to people who complete the challenge and you will risk losing your access. See next tip for how to activate it.

unnamed (4).png
unnamed (5).png

Joining an Organization (& Activating a Custom Avatar)

Once logged into the Virtual Castle (Gamerjibe), click the icon top right and click “Your Organizations.” If you’re the member of a sponsor group or you activated an achievement via the scavenger hunt, you’ll have received an “Organization Code”. Click “Join Organization” and enter the code. Click the star next to the avatar you want to use and it will be activated (you can earn multiple avatars and switch between them by doing this). Refresh your browser to rejoin the environment and when you return, you’ll appear differently than you did before. Keep in mind if the venue is at capacity, there may be a waitlist to rejoin the virtual castle.

Standard - 20

pasted image 0 (3).png

Pink - 30

pasted image 0 (4).png

Purple - 40

pasted image 0 (5).png

Rainbow - 50

pasted image 0 (6).png

Mystery - All!


To equip rare avatar skins hover cursor over login icon > Your Organization > Join Organization > Enter Password:

unnamed (6).png
unnamed (7).png

Click the star to represent that organization:

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Exploring a Booth

Booths in Gamerjibe are interactive and full of content! Click on a sponsor booth to access a video or slideshow with more information about their business. Click on arrows to move back and forth through slides and when you’re finished, click the ‘BACK’ button in the bottom right corner. On the table of the booth you will find green coins which will link you to websites, social media or even giveaways!!

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Private Chats

You can invite any individual member in Gamerjibe to join you for a private audio or video chat! Once you connect directly with someone, you can continue talking with them even as you walk between rooms! Alternatively each vendor booth is also it's own private chat, so step inside to chat with sponsors or hear them talk about their product. Please be courteous of other people's conversations inside of the venue.

Presentation Rooms

Looking to learn more about the blockchain or the companies driving the industry? Visit one of our presentation rooms! 


On the left side of the Welcome Zone you will find Blockchain101. Your central hub for learning. Every day we will have a scheduled speaker doing a 30-60 minute presentation explaining different subjects regarding blockchain. Everything from how blockchain and mining work, to creating a wallet of your own! Find the Blockchain101 schedule and more details here.


Oppositely, on the right hand side you will find our AMA Room. We will be picking the brains of a range of high profile speakers live on stream! Come watch and ask your questions in chat for a chance to have them answered live during the AMA.

unnamed (8).png
unnamed (9).png

Sponsor Rooms

Find your way to the Moon, Spork, Rainbow and Mountain shill zones to find our sponsor booths as well as more space for conversation in our bean bag chill areas.

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The Main Stage (DJ Chill Room)

Want to just grab a drink at the virtual bar and listen to music? Or just want to find a space to chat? The DJ Chill Room makes for a great place to do just that! The main screen will be playing our live DJ @!

pasted image 0 (11).png


Need a breath of fresh air? A drink? Or maybe you just feel like doing some light fishing and listening to the sounds of a campfire to roast marshmallows. All this can be found on the patio, found at the back of the Welcome Zone.

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Scavenger Hunt

Who doesn’t like free stuff, right!? Anyone who enters the Gamerjibe environment will be eligible to earn NFTs for completing objectives. Just make sure when you’re logging into Gamerjibe, that you’re using the same email you used to register for ETHDenver (any of the authentication methods are fine as long as the email matches).

To receive your NFTs, you’ll also need to make sure the email you’re using to login matches the email you used to register for ETHDenver.

You’ll have a chance to collect NFTs and if you collect enough of them, you’ll unlock additional cool avatars. Visit every room in the Virtual Castle environment and complete the challenges listed on the Scavenger Hunt Page.

unnamed (10).png

Provide Your Ethereum Address to Collect NFTs

As long as your email matches your application for ETHDenver, you’re good to go. 

If you didn’t provide your Ethereum address while registering for, no problem! Just send an email to with your Ethereum address and you’ll be whitelisted to receive any NFTs you earn while exploring the Virtual Castle! We’ll email you each evening with whatever POAP NFTs you’ve earned and how to redeem them.

Room Capacity & Instances

To keep things flowing smoothly, each room in the Gamerjibe castle holds up to 40 people. When the 41st person enters, Gamerjibe creates what’s called a new “instance”. You can view all current instances by clicking “Instance” at top right within gamerjibe. If you run into the same room as a friend you’re talking with but don’t see them there anymore, it means they’re in a different ‘instance’ so you can click the “Select Instance” button at top right to swap between instances. There will typically be no more than 2 instances per room since people tend to spread out, but for events like the Closing Party in the DJ Chill Room, you might see as many as 10 instances.

Event Capacity & Idle Kick Time

The venue has a maximum capacity of 500 attendees. If you try to join and we’re currently full, hang out and after a min click ‘connect’ to try and load in. If you leave your avatar idle for 15 minutes, you will be kicked from the event to allow others to enter.

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