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Blockchain Poker Tournament

Date: Sat, Feb 6th 5-7:30pm (MST)

Registration Deadline: Fri, Feb 5th 11:59pm

Prize Pool: 10 ETH

Cost: Free for ETHDenver Attendees (Limited)

Join the ETHDenver Virtue Poker Open for your chance at 10 ETH in prizes! Fight your way through a 3-phase poker tournament to claim the title. Space is limited and players must register ahead of time, with a cap of 300 players. You'll need to download and register an account on Virtue Poker and specify an ETH address as your Source of Funds, where your free tournament tokens will be sent.

All rounds are hyper turbo, but in the first round you'll have an hour to spend 5 play token buy-ins as you compete for one of the top scores to advance to the next round. The 36 players who score the most points advance to round two and the winners of each table will advance to the final table to crown the ETHDenver Virtue Poker 2021 Champ!

Live: Sat, Feb 6th 5-7pm (MST)

Live: Sat, Feb 6th 5-7pm (MST)

Ends: Fri, Feb 5th 11:59pm (MST)


Player Cap: Approximately 300 

Player Buy-Ins: 5  (free to play tokens)

Table Type: 6-max No Limit Hold’em Sit and Go 

Table Cap Maximum: 1 table per player at a time


  • Download: Go to

  • Register: Players must enter personal information including the following: name, address, date of birth, country of residence and email address 

  • Add Source of Funds: Players can either register using an ETH address they already have created or can create a new address using (this event is free, but you must have an ETH address to login and receive event tokens)

  • Join Games and Play: Players will select the FVP SNG table in our lobby to play in the event when it begins.

Gameplay / Schedule

Check-in: 4:45pm

Login to Virtuepoker and make sure you're ready to play.

Round 1: 5-6pm

All players will receive 5 “FVP” tokens (play money tokens) which will allow players to participate in 5 hyper-turbo Sit and Go tournaments (single table) with a maximum of 6 players. Each tournament will run for approximately 10-15 minutes. Players can choose to play multiple tables at once, but we encourage players to play no more than 2 at a time so they can converse with their fellow players. When a player is knocked out or a tournament is completed, they will click the “play similar” button that will pop-up in the client to join a new tournament. Players will compete until they’ve used all 5 of their FVP tokens. 

(Duration: 1 hour)

>> BREAK: 15 Minutes <<


Round 2: 6:15-6:45pm

The top 36 players with the most points scored will move on to the next stage of the tournament. These 36 players will play in a turbo tournament (which takes approximately 30-40 minutes) and play down to 6 winners. 


(Duration: 30-40 min)

>> BREAK: 15 Minutes <<


Round 3: 7-7:30pm

The 6 winners will then play in a final table (turbo speed) and play down to a winner. 


(Duration: 30-40 minutes)

Pay Table

Player Finish |  ETH Prize

1st - 2 ETH

2nd - 1.5 ETH

3rd - 1.25 ETH

4th - 1 ETH

5th - .75 ETH

6th - .5 ETH

7th-36th - .1 ETH

37th-300th - N/A


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