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Veertly is a collaborative video chat platform providing 24hr Virtual Rooms for BUIDLathon teams, mentors and sponsors to remotely collaborate. Each team will have access to their own free video chat room (up to 42 people per room, all week long). Teams can share their screen while chatting with other members, invite a mentor or sponsor to drop by to help, or hop into a mentor/sponsor’s room for help. Teams can also see other team rooms and hop around to chat or help each other out. 


Teams should use this as their primary hangout during ETHDenver, making it easy for sponsors, mentors and friends to find you throughout the week. You’ll even have a mentor room on your floor that is dedicated to supporting your team. Pop in whenever you need help and invite a mentor to your channel.

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Veertly Rooms Open Thursday, Feb 4th at 2PM (MST) 

Open 24 hours through the end of ETHDenver 2021

A team can also turn their room into an ETHDenver & ColoradoJam 2021 Livestream Watch Party by importing the stream, allowing the team (and anyone else invited) to chat while watching live presentations/events. 


On the final day of the event, your Veertly room is where judges will find your team, so make sure you’re cozy and ready for judges to visit you from every challenge and bounty your team submits for. The final day of the event will also double as an opportunity to hop in rooms with other teams to learn about their projects. Please plan to keep at least one person in  your room at all times to talk about your own project, even after judging is complete.

Team Rooms

  • Each team is assigned room to use for the duration of the event

  • Collaborate on anything related to ETHDenver

  • Mentors will have a room on your floor where you can drop in or invite them to come to your room to help your team

Mentor Rooms

  • Help desk sessions

  • Support

Sponsors Rooms 

  • Office hours when teams can drop by for help from sponsors

  • Ask questions about bounties

  • Medium sized community events (up to 42/room)

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