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Blockchain 101



1. Watch the Cryptochicks Blockchain 101 Video (Above)
You can also visit for more content/tutorials.




2. Access Blockchain Learning Content at
ETHDenver attendees receive a courtesy 3 months of access to blockchain learning platform Blockgeeks by entering code ETHDNV20BG. Visit and on the payment page, apply your ETHDenver $75 coupon code. The price will change to "$0".






3. Join Workshops in the ETHDenver Virtual Castle "Blockchain 101 Room"

Open Daily with presentations at the following times (Mountain Standard - MST):

To gain access, you must first apply at
Open Limited Times Daily, Feb 5-12 (see schedule)

Fri Feb 5, 11:00AM - Why we DeFi
30 mins (Audrey Nesbitt)

Fri Feb 5, 12:00PM - Blockchain Mining Explained
30 mins (Tracy Nguyen)

Sat Feb 6, 3:00PM - Build a Decentralized App on Ethereum Blockchain
60 mins ( Pavel Sinelnikov)

Sat Feb 6, 4:00PM - Ethereum Layer 2 Scaling Solution: Optimistic Rollup

60 mins ( Pavel Sinelnikov & Yuan Su)

Sun Feb 7, 10:00AM - Ethereum Gas Fees and Gas Price Explained
30 mins  ( Pavel Sinelnikov)

Mon Feb 8, 3:00PM - Turn Your ETHDenver Hack into A Startup
30 mins (Elena Sinelnikova)

Mon Feb 8, 4:00PM - Build Decentralized Wallet Using Portis API
60 mins (Pavel Sinelnikov)

Tue Feb 9: 10:00AM - How to Fund Your ETHDenver Hack to Build a Business
60 mins (Elena Sinelnikova)

Wed, Feb 10th: 3pm: Ethereum Calls and Transactions Explained
30 mins  ( Pavel Sinelnikov)

Wed, Feb 10th: 4pm Smart Contracts Explained
30 mins  ( Pavel Sinelnikov)

Thu, Feb 11th:  10 am How to setup a wallet and send a payment
30 mins (Tracy Nguyen)

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